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Small Business 101 Toolkit

This toolkit is jam-packed with the essentials your business needs to create a solid foundation. From simple mindset shifts to the financial freedom that comes with having a plan, put your thinking cap on and let's get to work on making small yet impactful changes today!

Team | Lumynary Calls

Here you can book a 30-min information session with any one of our team experts!

*Please note that all calls with Danielle, our legal expert, will be for informational purposes only. For example, Danielle could discuss what contract clauses will generally mean or what steps a business will typically take before hiring a contractor. However, Danielle is not able to offer any legal advice specific to your situation on these calls.

Custom Product Design | Enlightened Engineering Pro

Are you a big idea person and would rather someone else work out the details? Maybe you don’t want to leave anything to chance with your new idea? Then this package is for you! 

I will start with a free initial consultation so we can determine what your needs are and we can build a package that suits you. Each package is customizable and can include:

  • Engineering drawings and 3D CAD models
  • Prototype building
  • Manufacturing recommendations
  • Full design work

Pricing and delivery timeframe will be determined after our consultation

Manufacturing Audit | Enlightened Engineering Pro

Do you have already have a lot of work done designing your product, but you feel lost when trying to figure out how to get a prototype made or find a manufacturer? Then this is the option for you. 

I will examine your drawings, concepts, prototypes, and the like and provide you with my recommendations for:

  • Materials
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Manufacturers or shops
  • Any small design changes for manufacturability

Timeframe: 1-week delivery

On-Demand Product Development Coaching | Enlightened Engineering Pro

Do you need some more hands-on guidance or maybe someone to bounce ideas off? Let me help you get over the hurdles you encounter throughout your development process with a personal coaching package. This package includes on-going coaching for one quarter.

We will have one 30-minute initial strategy call and one 30-minute closing call as well as unlimited access to me through both email and Voxer to ask me whatever questions pop into your head at any time!

24 Hours to Launch | Gurus 4 You

Imagine what would be possible for you and your business by having your eCommerce website up and running in 24 hours.

By creating a well-oiled selling machine, you can improve your customer experience, create greater relationships with your ideal clients and quit doing the things that no longer serve you in your business. Sounds great, right? So jump on it!

Brand Positioning Toolkit | Hannah Warne Creative

Defining your brand in a clear and concise way is one of the most challenging parts of being a business owner. This brand positioning toolkit will help you identify how your brand fits into your industry, define your mission, and clarify who you are and how you speak. 


Includes competitive analysis, brand positioning statement, brand one-liner, and tone of voice guidelines.

Done-for-you Blog Posts | Hannah Warne Creative

Keep your content fresh and exciting for your customers while also drawing more prospects to your site with improving SEO with 3 blog posts (up to 750 words each). Whether you need help ideating blog post ideas or just doing the writing, easily add three new blog posts to your content calendar.

Product Descriptions | Hannah Warne Creative

Optimize 10 of your most popular products with descriptions (Up to 100 words each) that more poetically describe the inspiration and product features—while also aiding in organic search results with strategic keyword integration.

Website Content Audit | Hannah Warne Creative

If you think you need a website refresh but aren't sure where to start—start here. This comprehensive content audit analyzes what you are doing well and what could be improved about your online presence to give you high-level takeaways and action steps.

Brand Clarity Session | Lena Designs

Book a 90-min, one-on-one video call with Lena to clarify your values, goals, market, and mission in order to build a strong brand foundation. During your one-on-one session, we will discuss and define your brand’s:

  • Values
  • Mission
  • Voice + Tone
  • Target Market
  • Touchpoints
  • Style inspiration

If that seems like a lot, it’s because it is but the information you gain will be invaluable to you as the owner of a growing business!

From Hobby Shop to Big Girl Biz | Lena Designs

This mini-course is perfect for boss babes that want a few easy, actionable steps that will help you to take control of your business and build a solid brand to experience a major biz glow-up. Perfect for you, babe, who doesn’t have enough time, and you, girl, who doesn’t have a lot of money to set aside, and even you (you know who you are) who just hasn’t prioritized taking your business to the next level.

In just 5 short videos, you’ll build a solid foundation for your business to stand on. You’ll learn how to align all of your decisions with your brand. And, ultimately, you’ll learn how to set yourself up for growth (so you can stop relying on a specific platform).

Visual Brand Audit | Lena Designs

When consistency is the key to building a strong brand- what's better than a second set of eyes to go through up to 3 of your business touchpoints with a fine-toothed comb, in a private video that I send directly to you. I will look through your website, social media, at your packaging, etc. to see if your visual identity is properly attracting your dream clients/customers. I identify any weaknesses and then give you tips, tricks, strategies so that you fine-tune everything to get ready for major growth.

Timeframe: 1-week delivery

The Achiever Brand Photography Package | LoveLenaKate Photography

For $300/month, you'll receive a minimum of 30 photos, uniquely styled based on shop owner input, a digital gallery, AND a digital+print release for use on social media, blogs, websites, print ads, etc.

Monthly package with a 3-month minimum commitment

The Mogul Product and Brand Photography | LoveLenaKate Photography

For $200/month, you'll receive a minimum of 15 photos, uniquely styled based on shop owner input, a digital gallery, AND a digital+print release for use on social media, blogs, websites, print ads, etc.

Monthly package with a 3-month minimum commitment

The Start-Up Brand Photography Package | LoveLenaKate Photography

With this package you'll receive a minimum of 30 photos, uniquely styled based on shop owner input, a digital gallery, AND a digital+print release for use on social media, blogs, websites, print ads, etc.

LegalPad Strategy Session | Liss Legal

Book a 45-minute strategy call with legal advice with Team | Lumynary Expert Danielle Liss of Liss Legal. Calls may be conducted via Zoom or telephone.

(This is $50 off the regular price, a special for Lumynary members)

Annual Tax Return Preparation | NewWay Accounting

If you’re looking for someone to not only file your personal and/or business taxes but also help you maximize your saving opportunities through year-round check-ins to provide tax strategy and planning – we’re here to help! 

We’ll file ‘em all.  Individuals, sole proprietors, LLCs, and S-Corps.  Federal and State.  We’ve got you covered.  Best of all, we can work together in person or 100% remotely.

Don’t like being in the dark?  Neither do we.  We provide monthly tips and pointers, as well as many online resources, so you can better understand tax guidelines that apply to you.

Request a quote today!

Monthly Bookkeeping & Accounting Consulting | NewWay Accounting

Are you overwhelmed with monthly bookkeeping and feeling like your books are a mess?  Or worse, non-existent?  No worries – we can help.

No more year-end scramble.  All transactions are professionally coded and reviewed on a monthly basis.  Everything neat and tidy well before tax season even begins.

Reporting customized for you.  We provide real-time data to show you how you’re really doing – where you’re making your money and where you’re spending your money.  In a way you can actually understand.

Say goodbye to paper.  We use automatic bank feeds – no need to pass along any paper or receipts.  Welcome to the 21st century.

Rates begin at $300/mo

Quarterly Estimated Tax Payment Preparation | NewWay Accounting

If you have business income or if you receive income as a freelancer or contractor, you likely have to make estimated tax payments.


Not sure how to do this?  Don’t worry, we got you.

You just provide your quarterly income and we’ll calculate your estimated tax payment so you can avoid penalties.

2020 Quarterly Payment Dates:

July 15, September 15, January 15

Full-service SEO | Securisee Consulting

Let me build up your SEO for you with one-time SEO services. Will include full on-site & off-site optimization, explanation of work and one-month follow-up service.

Cost varies depending on the size and complexity of your site. Starting at $1000.

Hourly SEO | Securisee Consulting

Just need a few things done here and there, or want an on-call SEO expert? Hourly services may be all that you need!

$50 per/hour

Website SEO Audit | Securisee Consulting

Need to figure out where things are going wrong? Or maybe where things are going right and where to double down? Let me run a full SEO audit of your website. You'll get a thorough in-depth report including:

  • Ranking Report
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Content Strategy
  • Link Evaluation & Research
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Technical Audit
  • Content Audit
  • Sitemap Audit
  • Structural HTML Audit
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